The high-finish extension process

Extend your property to become a home where you can live the way you want without compromise.

Peace of mind

Proven process

Completely managed

groundwork 2
Stage 01

Great Groundworks

Everything needed to create firm foundations that meet building regs and match your plans.

  1. Secure site setup
  2. Build the footings
  3. Foundation brickwork
safe superstructure
Stage 02

Safe Superstructure

Create your extensions water-tight structure including walls and utilities ready for internal finishing.

  1. Beautiful Brickwork
  2. Roofing installation
  3. Internals installed
fine finishing
Stage 03

Fine Finishing

It’s time to bring it all together to a high finish that you will love and will last for years to come.

  1. Crafted kitchen
  2. Skilled decorating
  3. Certified sign-off

Get your home exactly how you want it

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